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QR-codes stand for plaques with bar codes. Using your mobile phone camera and an application you can retrieve information about the objects of cultural heritage.

This web-site is unique, because here official facts are complemented with events, stories, memoirs, photos and documentaries related to a certain landmark.

It is worth mentioning that more than 300 landmarks are registered within the Republic of Bashkortostan. These landmarks represent the architecture of the region starting from the middle of the 18th century, that is why there are a lot of things to see, to tell and to show to the city guests: Aksakov People’s House, The Demidovs’ House, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Boys Gymnasium, Religious Boys School, St. Sergius Church, Assembly of the Nobility, Trading House of Ivanov and Nobel, Building of Agricultural Institute (Theological Seminary) and dozens of other magnificent works by architects of the 18-19th centuries.

Over 200 facilities will be equipped with their QR-codes, which allow retrieving information on-line and convert a usual walk around the city into an interesting and exciting activity. The web-site contains not only history of the landmark but also rare 3D models, photos and videos.

All the prominent architectural styles are reflected in Ufa. That is why preservation of the unique historical heritage is the task to be accomplished not by the authorities alone, but also the citizens themselves. Any citizen can inform about the danger to a landmark and suggest a solution.

In order to read the QR-code you will need to do the following:

  1. Install software on your cell phone to read the QR-code. You don’t necessarily need a smart phone: QR-code can be read by any mobile phone with a camera and ability to support Java-applications.
  2. Let the cell phone camera see the QR-code.
  3. In a couple of seconds the software will read the code and you will see the required web-page on the screen of your phone.

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